05 Nov 2021

Kipkabus TVC acquires College Bus

What has been awaited for a long time has finaly happened, We have finaly acquired a 68 seater bus after a open an transparent acquisition process. The bus, procured by Kenya Coach Industries, an Isuzu East Africa Limited appointed dealer for all Isuzu vehicles and body-building arrived at the institute close to 5:20 PM on Friday under the helm of Mr Kiboss from RVTTI and our driver Mr Tanui. On board was the registrar who also had the honours of signing the first work ticket from the supplier to the institution. The Bus which is white in colour with bands of Maroon, Blue and Yellow will definately ease the challenges we as an institution usualy encountered in academic and other college trips. While celebrating the acquisition, we would like to thank all institutions that have partnered with us in the past

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