03 Jan 2021

College to reopen on 4th with Strict Covid-19 Protocol adherence

The college is set to reopen tomorrow (4th Jan 2021) with all students reporting back. However, additional measures will be taken to make the environment conducive learning environment amid the prevailing Covid19 pandemic. These measures, more commonly referred to as covid protocols include mandatory proper wearing of masks while in the college premises. further, everybody must have his temperature checked when entering or exiting the campus. Upon admission, one must wash their hands with the facilities availed within the gate or other areas of the campus.  Social distance must also be observed in all lecture rooms. These protocols override all other and will be executed without prejudice or preference.

How to Protect ourselves

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  • Julius nyabuti January 8, 2021

    Those who applied for last year’s may intake, when are they supposed to report

    • webadmin January 9, 2021

      first years are reporting as from 4th. Orientation to be done in the course of next week


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